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Transmetropolitan is a post-cyberpunk comic book series written by Warren Ellis with art by Darick Robertson and published by DC Comics. The series was originally part of the short-lived DC Comics imprint Helix, but upon the end of the book's first year the series was moved to the Vertigo imprint as DC Comics cancelled the Helix imprint. It chronicles the battles of Spider Jerusalem, infamous renegade gonzo journalist of the future, an homage to gonzo journalism founder Hunter S. Thompson.

Spider Jerusalem dedicates himself to fighting the corruption and abuse of power of two successive United States presidents; he and his ("filthy") assistants strive to keep their world from turning more dystopian than it already is while dealing with the struggles of fame and power, brought about due to the popularity of Spider via his articles.

"These are the streets of this city, where the New Scum try to live. You and me, and here in these streets are the things that we want: sex and birth, votes and traits, money and guilt, television and teddy bears. But all we've actually got is each other. You decide what that means."

“We live in a monoculture. What does that mean? Well, go out to your street corner. You’ll probably see a Long Pig stand, SPKF on a screen somewhere, an Angry Boy Dylan’s Gun Store. You’ll go into a record store and see new recordings by the usual suspects, maybe a special Space Culture display rack.

Go out onto a streetcorner in London and you’ll see the same thing. Same in Prague. Same in Sao Paulo. Same in Osaka, and Grozny, and Tehran, and Jo’burg, and Hobart. That’s what a monoculture is. It’s everywhere, and it’s all the same. And it takes up alien cultures and digests them and shits them out in a homogeneous building-block shape that fits seamlessly into the vast blank wall of the monoculture.

This is the future. This is what we built. This is what we wanted. It must have been. Because we all had a fucking choice, didn’t we? It is only our money that allows commercial culture to
flower. If we didn’t want to live like this, we could have changed it any time, by not fucking paying for it.

So let’s celebrate by all going out and buying the same burger.”
Quotes from Spider Jerusalem 

TRANSMETROPOLITAN issue #01 to #60
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