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Louk is a street dog that lives in centre of Athens, greece. Everytime there is a riot going on, this dog stands on the barricades!

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The Dutch House Free Festival, Eltham 1992

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By ??

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Raum 107 - The World Turns Black by Raum 107 on Mixcloud

a gig by FRONTAL
Frontal (Raum 107 & Kompressor) @Hard Fanatics Duisburg, 09.04.11
another mix by Raum 107 (via Night Terror Recordings)
Adam Frost - Nothing Remains
Cyberstate - Escape With Phencyclidin
Adam Frost - Bestialized
Dr. Strange - Body Harvest
Darkside - The Blood Spilt
Lord Sinister & Raum 107 - The Way Of Sorrow
Raum 107 - Human Garbage
ND Vidual - X-File
Necrarch - No Hope In Chaos
Deceiver - Shock! Horror!
Metamphkore aka Hells Authority - The Invocation
Darkside - Wild Soulz
XKRI - Mijn Boobs
Joshua - In Vonna
UriAN - Zardodz
Without Soul & In Tune - Over All Frequencies
Raum 107 - New Born Porn
Lord Sinister - Deathcore
Dr. Strange - Pandemic
Lord Sinister - Satan Smiles
Necrarch - The Absence Of Light
The Illuminati - Rhytmic Twist
Onkara Techichi - Undefiled Wisdom
Joshua vs. Hibou - Nenuphar
Dr. Macabre - The Hunter
Fifth Era - FE 17 B2
Darkside - Invisible
Fifth Era - The Only Good Neighboor
Ybrid - Naevus
Peter File - Valley Of Souls (Original Mix)
Face Hoover - Beliefe In Devil?
Face Hover - Mess-age
Fallen Angel - Soul Searcher
Lord Sinister - Insanes
Daemian - Chaos
Joshua - Dark Life (Hibou Version)
Omkara Techichi - Nocturnal Stasis
Fallen Angel . The Art Of Snoting (Face Hoover Rmx)
Sandy Warez - Angel Sign
Dr. Macabre - Night Of The Living Dead
Cubid Nomade - Bunker Soldiers
Wavelan - It Will Stand
Mechanism - Good Morning
Moleculez Feat. Mental Wreckage & The Relic - Mechanically Induced Dreams
Rapid S - Rising Hell
Ybrid - Ogdoas
Ybrid - Ybrid Act 3
The Outside Agency - Strangers Call
Sandy Warez - Push The Last Door
Dualcore - Evil Machine
The Enticer - Self Analysis ( The TOA Remix)
Sei2ure - Chaos Communication
Project Omega - Methadon Attack
Metamphkore aka Hells Authority - Chapter 13
Omkara Techichi - Soulless Mechanoid
Forsaken Is Dead - Bad Attitude (Featuring CIK)
Nordcore G.m.b.H. - It´s Time
The Emperator - Iced Earth
Eric Blade - Tempel Of Eternal Nights
Crossbones - Eins, Zwei, Drei, Beer!
Crossbones - Alcohooligan
Face Hoover - The Beat (Hardcore Mix)
Face Hoover - Crestfallen
Sandy Warez - Evolution
Kompressor - Mustang
Armageddon Project - Silent Rest Of The Undefeated
Delta 9 & Fiend - Ex Inferis
Cubid Nomade - Holy war
Cubid Nomade - World Enders
Ophidian - End Of The Earth
Echo West - Fallen Angels


In support of the Anonymous!

"It's time to hack the planet. It's time to turn the tables on the powers that be and show them that we have had enough," 

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If I was asked to choose a god.. would be Hunter S. Thompson. 

We already covered two great documentaries on Hunter S. Thompson and that doesn't stop us from covering more. I could watch and listen to him forever..

Fear and Loathing in Gonzovision (aka Fear and Loathing on the Road to Hollywood) is an interesting documentary from 1978 that follows Hunter S. Thompson and artist Ralph Steadman from Thompson's home in Aspen, Colorado, to Las Vegas, and then to Hollywood. Footage of Thompson and Steadman on the road is interspersed with interviews, clips of President Nixon and audio segments of his book, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Hunter's ashes were fired from a canon at his funeral on 20 August 2005; this film includes scenes of Thompson & Steadman beginning to plan this event.

Produced by the BBC and broadcast as part of their Omnibus series it is also included as a bonus feature on one of the dvd versions of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas starring Johnny Depp.


Right HERE, 
behind YOUR back.
YOUR face is being scanned for,
in BILLIONS of pictures.
Without YOUR permission.

- I wasn't
- I hope you are 
- Facebook. 

Here we go again, it will never stop. I can't emphasize enough to either give up on Facebook or check your privacy settings on a regular base. Most Facebook users have their profile open to the public.. because most people don't care. Me neither I don't care about anyones personal life being shared with the world. What I do care about it keeping our network shielded from the pigs.
Lets say I would throw a party in a squat nearby. I would like people to come and keep any pigs far far away.. obviously I would inform my friends. But my brain has a malfunction and I decide to inform my friends by Facebook. Luckily my friends have their privacy settings set up so nobody is reading our conversation. So no harm done.. What I don't know is that one of my friends was born with his head up his ass and didn't seal off his profile. This means that not only my friends, his friends but the whole freaking world can read our conversation. That includes the pigs.. and you don't want pigs around do you.

So I hope one of you reading will realize, shit.. I need to secure my profile.
Because thanks to YOU, a party with all your friends, could be ruined thanks to YOU!

and you wouldn't even have known.. that you ruined the night.

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  Article from Dangerous Minds

According to the gospel of Saint Anthony H. Wilson, Manchester, England, was the center of the universe during the 1980s and 1990s. Not only for its music, its talent, its imagination, and sheer brass neck, but also because it had the Haçienda, the fabled night club where you could see Madonna one night and William Burroughs the next.

Designed by Ben Kelly, The Haçienda opened its doors on Friday May 21st 1982. Owned by Factory Records and New Order (the latter plowed most of their earnings into the venue), it was given the Factory catalog number FAC51. The mix of who played there reads like an A & R man’s wet dream and included, New Order, The Happy Mondays, The Smiths, OMD, The Birthday Party, Husker Du, The Stone Roses, Oasis, James, Echo and The Bunnymen, A Certain Ratio, and Divine, amongst others. Mike Pickering, Graeme Park and Dave Haslam were host DJ’s, and in the late 1980s and 1990s, the club was the catalyst for Madchester - the music and drug fueled Second Summer of Love.

Yet, as it is said, all good things must end and the Haçienda closed down in 1997; and the club was demolished to make way for “luxury apartments” in 2002.

When Peter Hook (legendary bass-player with Joy Division and New Order), guest-blogged on the NME back in 2009, he recalled his top 10 Haçienda memories. At number three, was William Burroughs performance at The Haçienda, October 1982, of which Hooky wrote:

“That was one of those nights when there was hardly anyone in but it was quite intense because of what William Burroughs was doing. The funny thing was that one of Joy Division’s first gigs abroad was with William Burroughs, a William Burroughs evening in the Plan K in Belgium so we had a little bit of history with him ‘cos he’d told Ian to fuck off when he asked for a free book. Even at The Haçienda I didn’t ask for a free book either. I was as scared of William Burroughs as he was.

Burroughs was always impressive when presenting his work on stage, and this clip, posted by orange object, is a great piece of pop and literary culture.



 street art set to video by Rowan Pybus & Faith47

Characterized by its opening demand - “The People Shall Govern!” , the original Freedom Charter was a statement of core principles of the South African Congress Alliance, created in 1955. The Charter was created from words collected by fifty thousand volunteers, who went out into townships and the countryside to collect ‘freedom demands’ from the people. Ratified by The People, and designed to give all South Africans equal rights, the Freedom Charter was denounced and buried when the ANC was banned. The original Freedom Charter couldn’t be killed by apartheid however, and it has re-emerged within the revolutionary underground of South Africa in various guises since that time. This video showcases the work of talented female South African street artist Faith47, and includes some of the original demands 0f the Charter such as “Land to be given to all landless people”, “Living wages and shorter hours of work”, “Free and compulsory education, irrespective of colour, race or nationality”.

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Thanks Tom, has been
my guide, my inspiration
and the reason this blog is what it is.


The first ever full length documentary film dedicated to the art of diggin in the crates." All kinds of fascinating conversations and interviews with legendary crate diggers gives more than a glimpse to the subculture that spawned the best hip hop music of the 90s and beyond. Footage with Da Beatminerz, Diamond D, Madlib, Lord Finesse, Buckwild, DJ Eclipse, Beni B, V.I.C. (Beatnuts, Ghetto Pros), Maseo (De La Soul), and much more..

The founding fathers of the beat-digging culture speak openly about the inception and evolution of their unique approach to making music as the people behind Deep Crates return to take music lovers deeper into the scene than ever before. Marley Marl discusses the epiphany of discovering live drum-kit samples, and the fascinating story of Pete Rock's "T.R.O.Y." offers unparalleled insight in to the art of the dig, with additional studio tours, production tactics, and conversations with the most prolific DJs and producers currently contributing to the scene combining to offer a fitting follow-up to the original Deep Crates. ~ Matthew Tobey, All Movie Guide


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picture cropped from source
As mentioned about a year ago Molly Macindoe spent 10 years ('97 to '07) following sound systems across Europe taking pictures of free people and squats/venues. Her book 'Out of Order: A Photographic Celebration of the Free Party Scene' and can be ordered here
I topped up my PayPal account, so once the frauds at the bank processed the transfer I can order my copy.. *woopwoop*

More information can be found here,

Her photography ‘has always been inspired by the beauty to be found in the individuals, community, and spaces within the Free Party scene, and subsequently reflects that same sentiment.’ 

Czechtek 2005 by Molly Macindoe
Check more pictures in a gallery on!

Out of Order – the free party scene, in pictures

From 1997-2007 Molly Macindoe followed sound systems across Britain and Europe photographing the people and places of the free party scene. In his teens, Joshua Surtees, author of the London Loves blog attended some of the early raves and here compiles some of the images from Macindoe's book Out Of Order

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History is made at nightWe reported last year on the police operation to close the UK Teknival at Dale Aerodrome in Pemrokeshire (Wales). 
The court case arising from this ended in November 2010, with ten people pleading guilty to charges of holding an event without a suitable licence. They were given Community Service Orders, with nine sentenced to carry out 100 unpaid work and the other 160 hours. Charges were dropped against six other people who pleaded not guilty. Continue reading here...
posted with a 6 month delay ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

 Image borrowed from Schnews

 Weekly Schnews Issue 727


There was a time where I had a luxury problem with bookmarks concerning material for our blog. Hundreds of websites/pages.. a chaos unlabeled used and unused sources. A must have when you are trying to run a blog. But that was BEFORE I wiped my laptop, backing up everything but my bookmarks. Luckily I was able to retrieve a minor amount trough Opera Link. (Opera, the best browser there is *fanboy cough*) 

So I am doomed to actively lurk the internets in search for disinfo :D

Last week I ran into a fairly new blog called 90's + Gigs Squats Parties. Their description says it all.. 'Mostly flyers and pictures from squats/gigs/parties/festival, mostly from the 1990's but you might get the odd ones from the 80's and the 2000's too depending on what I get my hands onto. Currently mostly uploading pictures, after some mildly marathonic scanning session, I will add more informations in the future when I have some leisure time. There might also be some pictures/flyers completely unrelated to the above depending on my mood. Enjoy and feel free to leave comments.'

Anti Rave Gig 01-02-1992, squatted bank Mile End Road, Whitechapel

Someone uploading their personal collection of pictures and flyers from free parties, squats etc. is just PURE GOLD. Spread the word and follow them on blogspot.. just hit the follow button, login with your google or social shmedia account and voila.. done. People barely use it, but it is basically the same as the Like button on FB or Follow on Twitter.. it won't hurt you.

So from now on I will try to post an URL of the week every Monday. I am not going to make any promises because as many other things, I might bail on it eventually. Posts will be tagged URLOFTHEWEEK. It all depends if I have been even near my laptop/place I call home for now in a week.

A good example of a little project I bailed on was my Youtube Channel. I was planning on uploading old and rarest tekno tracks I got of cassettes or low quality MP3's dating back from the consumer internet was slow as shit. But adding somewhat moving graphics every time made me bail on it.. and also loosing ALL my music due to a drowned 750GB HD filled with underground music. Two days under due to a flood was too much for my boy.. but shit happens. I am all about 90s DOOMCORE anyway right now.. so who needs tekno ;)

Here is one of the few track I uploaded.. Take the system by sVs from BIOS SOUNDSYSTEM whom I lost track of in time.

DANCECULT 2 (1) 2011

The new Dancecult issue has been out for a while but so have I. Been off the world for personal reasons, mainly trying to get off ketamine for good. One of the few addictive psychedelics around and I was a 'believer'. But I faced my problem, took care of it and my life is getting back on track. Whoop-dee-fuckin-do.. My last post was Nov 6, 2010 (ouch).. so I am once again very lucky to have my best friend covering my back, even here.

So anyway our beloved Graham St John (tag GMAN) notified me on Wed, Mar 23, 2011 7:02 AM that a new issue of Dancecult has spawned! Currently Mon, Jun 6 2011 11:10 AM and I am finally going through my mailbox to bring news late. 

So.. Dancecult, tell me more!

Dancecult: Focus and Scope
(excerpt from About page
Dancecult is a peer-reviewed, open-access e-journal for the study of electronic dance music culture (EDMC). A platform for interdisciplinary scholarship on the shifting terrain of EDMCs worldwide, the journal houses research exploring the sites, technologies, sounds and cultures of electronic music in historical and contemporary perspectives. Playing host to studies of emergent forms of electronic music production, performance, distribution, and reception, as a portal for cutting-edge research on the relation between bodies, technologies, and cyberspace, as a medium through which the cultural politics of dance is critically investigated, and as a venue for innovative multimedia projects, Dancecult is the forum for research on EDMCs.

From dancehall to raving, club cultures to sound systems, disco to techno, breakbeat to psytrance, hip hop to dubstep, IDM to noisecore, nortec to bloghouse, global EDMCs are a shifting spectrum of scenes, genres, and aesthetics. What is the role of ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class, religion and spirituality in these formations? How have technologies, mind alterants, and popular culture conditioned this proliferation, and how has electronic music filtered into cinema, literature and everyday life? How does existing critical theory enable understanding of EDMCs, and how might the latter challenge the assumptions of our inherited heuristics? What is the role of the DJ in diverse genres, scenes, subcultures, and/or neotribes? As the journal of the international EDMC research network, Dancecult welcomes submissions from scholars addressing these and related inquiries across all disciplines.

Dancecult is published twice a year.

Check out the amazing Dancecult: Electronic dance music cultures bibliography with an endless feed of 'must read' material. Books, articles, theses and more for you to discover.

For some reason I never posted the earlier issues, which I regret as a big GMAN fanboy. In deep shame.. behold the first and second issue of the Dancecult journal.

Vol 1, No 1 (2009)

Cover: DJ ShoCkRaVeR at Out of System free party, Italy, July 2008.
Photo: Alex Canazei.

Vol 1, No 2 (2010)
Cover: Symbiosis 2009. Photo: Pascal Querner.

 And last but not least.. Volume 2 Number 1

Classic copy/paste action pending.. pending.. copying.. pasting.. and that should do it. Enjoy!

DANCECULT | Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture
Volume 2 * Number 1 * 2011

Dancecult returns with two themes: the dystopian and remix aesthetics of
Detroit and a special From the Floor section on the Love Parade.


## Feature Articles ##

Disco's Revenge: House Music's Nomadic Memory
-- Hillegonda C. Rietveld

Hooked on an Affect: Detroit Techno and Dystopian Digital Culture
-- Richard Pope

Maintaining "Synk" in Detroit: Two Case Studies in the Remix Aesthetic
-- Carleton S. Gholz

Festival Fever and International DJs: The Changing Shape of DJ Culture in
Sydney's Commercial Electronic Dance Music Scene
-- Ed Montano

## From the Floor ##

Nomads in Sound vol. 1
-- Anna Gavanas

# Special Section on the Love Parade #

Where is Duisburg? An LP Postscript HTML
-- Sean Nye, Ronald Hitzler

Party, Love and Profit: The Rhythms of the Love Parade (Interview with
Wolfgang Sterneck)
-- Graham St John

Pathological Crowds: Affect and Danger in Responses to the Love Parade
Disaster at Duisburg
-- Luis-Manuel Garcia

## Reviews ##

Hip Hop Underground: The Integrity and Ethics of Racial Identification
(Anthony Kwame Harrison) PDF
-- Rebecca Bodenheimer

The Local Scenes and Global Culture of Psytrance (Graham St John)
-- Rupert Till

Pink Noises: Women on Electronic Music and Sound (Tara Rodgers)
-- Anna Gavanas

Technomad: Global Raving Countercultures (Graham St John)
-- Philip Ronald Kirby

Sonic Warfare: Sound, Affect, and the Ecology of Fear (Steve Goodman)
-- tobias c. van Veen

Music World: Donk (Dir. Andy Capper)
-- Philip Ronald Kirby

Speaking in Code (Dir. Amy Grill)
-- tobias c. van Veen

Edition 2.1 is not only a new edition of Dancecult, but a redesigned look. Congratulations to all the volunteers in our new editorial and production team (along with our authors and reviewers) for getting this over the line. Special mention to tobias c. van Veen as our new Managing Editor who is to be congratulated for his dedication to managing this edition, overseeing the redesign of the PDF articles and the transition to our new server. Further accolades to Reviews Editor Karenza Moore; Art Director Cato Pulleyblank who designed our great new logo and transformed our look in Indesign; our Copyeditors Catherine Baker and Katrina Loughrey who poured over the Old Testament; Production Director Gary Powell and Production Assistants Ed Montano, Luis-Manuel Garcia and Botond Vitos; and not least OJS wrestler and Operations Assistant Neal Thomas. Extra thank you to Luis-Manuel Garcia for the German to English translation.

For the full list of our new team see:

Please note that we have a new Dancecult Style Guide (DSG) now available for download. Tobias and myself have worked hard on producing the new DSG. It is a major improvement on our former style guide (the Old Testament) which now includes coverage of our cross platform requirements. For those submitting material, you must download and read the DSG thoroughly before submitting any material.

From the sweet spot,

Graham St John
Executive Editor

tobias c. van Veen
 Managing Editor

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By Liqen

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A commentary on police violence against protestors in Barcelona last week.


By the porg
Click on pic for bigger size! 
More on this artist right here

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Taken from "days of war, nights of love" by Crimethinc