So you really want to know why we run this little website?
 Well.. Allow us to explain. was the website that made us create this blog. Sadly enough their website is down, since end 2009. Another website in short time that went offline.. It felt like the original message was fadin' away.
We couldn't let that happen, it was time for action! Zone of the free was born.

 We try to inform people about the free spirit, free tekno and it's history. We hope to explain the idea behind the spiral, behind the number 23 and so on..

Forward the revolution

Below we shamelessly copied the mission statement of anirea,
because we simply couldn't have said it better ourselfs.

Massive respect to their work in the past for our cause!

By Bluzark & Muffy


Well it all started with a simple anodine reflexion : " how will the future generation remember what we are doing ? what will be the tekno culture image in the next decade ?"

Because our movement is very underground and acts in the shadow, its steps are not always really understood by majority of people (often by people involved in the movement itself). I wonder if the offspring of the underground tekno culture will understand what was the real meaning of all that.

For sure they will remember the rig and 30Kw soundsystems, the convoy of trucks roaming from cities to cities, and the music. but i'm talking about something more essential, the basics of all that, you know this little thing in our heads that tells us " ok lets go it's time to act, time to do something."

Basicaly the tekno travelling movement is related to the piracy of old ages. Like pirates on the seas, travelling soundsystems are roamin tryin to find places to settled the next party, finding gazole to fill the tankers and geny... i guess you know what i m talkin about :)

well this attitude as a certain meaning and i m wondering if this meaning will stay through the time or will it be replaced by a so called "rave fashion revival" in 15 years ; just like we saw a punk revival ???!!!

because it's born in the shadow, and lives in the shadow the tekno conspiracy is quite different from the culture of the 70's and 80's (especially hippy movement and punk movement) even if its all related, the basics are different because i think we'd learn how not to get fucked by the system (at least that's what i thaught until not so long).

... but ... the audience came in mass, and things changed alot. It became fashionable, everybody was talkin about rave and teknival, even the media get interested to it... reporters wrote book about travellers, soundsystems started to act like rock-band 25 years before... we started to enter in somekinda STAR SYSTEM !!!! fuck it!

So, know i'm not sure... maybe in 10 years will be released a "teknival compilation" ? or even worst maybe one day we'll see TV-ads for a washing machine with Spiral tribe's "forward the revolution" as a soundtrack ! i hope not !but i 'm not sure....

Our parents generation was made of woodstrock, LSD, jimi hendrix and sexual revoluion... today the same people are manager of microsoft, or any other computer company, with mobile phone, insurrance, credits cards and cable network TV.... our generation is made from teknival and fight against the G8 ... but in 20 years where will we be ? behind the TV watching DVD of the tekno revival, with a great documentary about the travelling lifestyle.... FUCK OFF !!!

I'm not fool, i know a part of us has already lost this battle and they will enter he system and watch TV, and buy expensive cars at low rate credits, and vote for our next president even if they know he's wanker ("but not the worst") and all this shit we live in... but not everyone from us, some are still resisting!

IT DIDN'T WIN ALREADY ! we still can resist... this is "POLITICAL-MIND-RIOTING" ! we still can make things change, not the all world i'm not utopist but we still can save what we've been fighting for ...
did you remembr the spiral tribe song "forward the revolution"... these magic words " you might stop the party but you can stop the future!"... well this was at the desination to the cops meaning they cant stop us, nothing can stop us... but...the real danger is the mass manipulation ... once 98% of the peoples acting in the tekno underground have become part of the system, it stays only a few, and they have to act, WE HAVE TO ACT...

keep on travelling, keep on exploring new countries over the world to expand the tekno conspiracy over its border,... no boundaries!

You reader, i dont know what camp you're in, but i already chose mine, i'll keep on fighting my own way, travelling, setting up 30K rig, playing seek and hide with the cops of any country, making performances, making music,

+++ by ixtlan [at]

  Massive respect to their work in the past for our cause!