Friday, March 25, 2016

Free Romanian Teknival 2016

THE ROOTS - Free Romanian Teknival - 12.08 - 23.08.2016 

Open invitation for all sound systems, arts and public!


Sound systems and performers, who want to take part in the teknival line-up, can contact this e-mail address:

more info: 




Monday, March 7, 2016



Official Frenchtek Group:



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Ravolution 23, from 29 April to 2 May 2016
23 years since the first teknival in France! ¼ of a century of culture free, little brothers have taken as a result of the great, the children of the pioneers begin to pretty good mixer.
23 years or we have not been victims but victors. Pursued by the suppression changing according to the government, sometimes at the limit of the crash, we have taken a few broths but we're still standing, always proud. But today, it's too much!
For the generation who comes, we say enough. We are not asking for anything, no subsidies, no assistantship. Just the respect of our generosity and taking into account of our specificity.
In Practical terms, this means:
• Immediate cessation and definitive seizures of equipment and repeal of the act mariani
• Immediate cessation of abusive proceedings against the collective and the participants (aggression, Sonic work hidden for the volunteers, help to the nocturnal for dancers...) By a firm instruction to law enforcement and prosecutors.
• The ability to have access to public land no longer required (Wasteland, safer, public domain,...) When we do the request and that they do not present a risk.
• A real change in the way the town halls welcome us when we contact them. Constructive attitudes and responsible! It's too easy to put stones at the entrance of a plot of land to return the party on the town next door.
• A real support for the actions of risk reduction, because we are responsible for!
To support these requirements, the great family of the party free joins and shows its strength. We'll be several hundreds of sound systems and tens of thousands of participants from all over Europe for this teknival!!! This gathering will take place in the centre of France, at equal distance from the east, West, South and north, halfway to England and Spain, Italy and the Netherlands, because we are Without Borders!
There will be no negotiations on the place where the legality of the teknival before the event. The only thing on which we will discuss with the government, it is our demands and the time frame in which they will be satisfied!
Together, we are committed to the course of the event is an example of self-management and respect! Our goal will be to arrive at the "Sustainable" zero impact both on the environment, the locals and the field chosen.
Information will be given for that all goes well in the respect and the spirit of the party free!

It is also supported by the collective: Collective of sound systems ile de France, collective react, collective of the party free, resistance centre, the unsubmissive, Proton Dickie, htrs...
Contact for participate and support:

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  344, 1.Korect, 3Faze – Kraken Krew, 4-1 Sound System, A.K.F, A.S.M, Arenui
Sound System, Artkaid, Artnak – Kraken Krew, Assonariouls DJ, B.T.S,
Corozone, Cosmic Azilum, D.F.C , D.S.P, Discobulated Generation –UK,
Dkle – Kraken Krew, Dominotek, DZ – Kraken Krew, Electrocution,
Enimatek, F.M.R, Frenetek – Kraken Krew, Inkorect, Inkulpe, Intoxitek,
K.RMA, KO Sound System, L’Hallucidité, Lahp, Looney, M.S.T, Marionetik,
Nawak – Kraken Krew, P.T.T, Party:Ard –UK, Passtek , Peufratek, UTF
PH:4-Dvil – Kraken Krew, R.Volt, R-1-T, Torture Mentale, Sonart,
Rottweiltek, SA Free System, T.B.S , T.N.T, Tartiflette, Tekmanta, Têtes
Brulées, Troubles Fêtes, U.F.O.T - Fr-UK, X.C.6.F.F, Idyllik System, Art Maniak,
LFC, Hypnotek, Skt, Tekilatek, Nosteam Sound System (NSS),
Ondaktive Rytmek, Pack2tek Family, Dubeatatif, Farfatek, TST sound system,
Teknorm, Monkey Faction, MASKNWAR 45, R2Reves Family,
KDF, Malokor, Tripot'art, Le 1er Son, MKC, Les Zingués, RDS, Marmotek,
Tek-No Panik , MTD, Bif Crew System, AKD-MIX, Imprévus, Anonym, Hurricane,
Brigade Sonore, Groseille Crew, Ekleptik6TM, Fré-K-Bloc, Mentalattack 6Tem,
Baba Punk Monsters, Les rave-voltés, Sk1t, Bassnivore system aka UTC,
B.P.M, C.E.T, G.A.S.T, B.F.B, TABASS, Tekcircus, 1crew100noms,
Les Rave-ages du Caisson, Woinkinkin, Auton'Ohm, Bassbar, Break All,
Otaké, BTP Familly, ATM...

Unknown Sound System (UK), Irritant sound system (Uk), Alkotek (Uk),
Aku Sound System (Belgique), Equipe 23 sound (ITALY), Lyqergyk Sound (ITALY),
Aztek Sound System (UK), Revibed (UK),FTP (UK), Alikatek (Spain),
Requiem Sound System (UK), Chewbakka soundsystem (NL),
Discobulated Generation (UK), Party:Ard (UK), Elektropush Gang (Italy),
BubbleGum Audio (UK) N.S Audio (UK), 013 (Belg), Exiles (Belg), Club Waanzin (Belg),
Boerekinkels (Belg), So-watt (NL)...



halloween rave 2015



After summer connection at teknival tour, this systems joined again for halloween


Poivro Family (Fr) / Yukomate (Sp) / Sound Army (Sp) / Pandemia (Sp) / Boykore (Sp) / Brenatek (Sp) / Kryptotek (Fr)


Kierwiet (Nd) /013 (BE):

 Aliénés (Fr) / Hors6Tem (Fr) / FMS (Fr) / Vitaminés (Fr) / Enjoy (Fr) / VVF (Fr):