Saturday, December 26, 2009


Desert Storm : D-Storm

The name's Ironic, really. But you have to be extreme to maintain momentum and keep doing what you have to do in this end of Millennium Eurostate.

Don't be fooled. DStorm are aware that doing free parties - as tough as it is in Europe - is a holiday compared to Armed Conflict.

Let's face it Camouflage does look good, but that's no need to get confused over what Military IS or what it DOES. Confusion CAN arise when you get mixed up about whether the person getting shat on in the latest War deserves it or not.

This Misses the Point!
Any side is the wrong side. Wars are a product of the Economic machine we live in. If you're a part of that machine, paying taxes, buying products, drawing your dole. You're guilty as much as anyone else.

BE AWARE! WAKE UP! Send aid! But long term you may as well send a Band Aid, It'll all be happening next time.

WHY? It's all about the key to the executive toilet. Everyone wants to crap in style. Sure as shit Milosocrack, ain't slumming it. He's got one if those shitters that wipe your arse for you. This Toilet Envy is one of the major modern reasons for War. Race and Religion are just excuses.

D-Storm aim to combat this modern failing by making it cool to shit with a shovel.

Drop out, while they drop the Bombs. Left Wing and Right Wing have no meaning anymore. It's Money. The Oil the War machine needs is money. Flipside, it's due to a need of Money that the Machine needs War.

The Machine is the Global economy. Are you part of the machine? If you are, what can you do to withdraw your energy from the Machine. Think about it.

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