Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Continuum Journal of Media & Cultural Studies
Off Road Show: Techno, Protest and Feral Theatre by Graham St John
Online Publication Date: 01 March 2005
Volume 19, Issue 1 March 2005 , pages 5 - 20

In this article published in the Continuum Journal of Media & Cultural Studies (Volume 19, Issue 1 March 2005), Graham St John reveals the origins of the transnational techno-circus nomadology. Just like traditional circus spectaculars, the techno-circus would become a critical means of entertaining and communicating with populations across and outside of Europe. Yet, unlike the traditional circus, their spectacular conviviality and compassionate interventions would potentiate significant intercultural outcomes. Graham also describes the influences techno-circus forces had on eachoter and the literature that influences these forces.

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