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"From a fusion of Desert Storm sound system and other mentalist performance all stars came The Bassline Circus"

Formed in 2003 Bassline Circus represents the transformation of some of the UK's and Europe's most high-profile illegal rave outfits into a legitimate organisation. Bassline Circus is a crew of performers, musicians, mechanics, visual artists, tour bookers, truck drivers, creatives, logistics, humanistics and holistics. It's most active members have dedicated years to this project with very little financial comeback. Most of the time they are working for nothing but the love and the belief that one day it will pay off somehow. They support the believe that the system wont supply the means for a vast majority of the population to express themselves and that you must create your own reality. The system creates a virtual reality, by tv or other media.


A little history of Bassline Circus can be found on their website or below.



Bassline Circus is a not for profit organization based around a central ethos of create, innovate, educate, activate and of course, mutate. We are a traveling circus troupe, a production company, performance agency, a tent and equipment hire company, an education institution and much more.


We have spent the last five years in the heat of the furnace that is life in modern London, growing and developing our style, gathering and garnering talent and ideas like a giant artistic pirate ship, plundering the pool of raw skills that is out there, creating a hardcore, dedicated crew. Like all good things, time and energy have evolved this thing, from the nucleus of a good idea, into a vessel through which is channelled a whole load of creative and perceptive ideas.
This project is born from the ashes of the European and British festival, free party and circus scene, and is a direct result of what happens when circus meets the dance floor.


Such diverse groups as Desert Storm, Total Resistance, Sound Conspiracy, NoFit State, Reclaim the Streets, Foolhardy Folk and many more all find their influence and legacy here in this new skool mashup of people and culture.


Sound Conspiracy was an international crew based in Europe, comprised of several different sound systems of the day, Total Resistance, Facom Unit and OQP. They spent years in Italy putting on massive illegal raves before heading off to Bosnia and Republika Serbska for a summer of madness before heading further east. First to Istanbul, and then on through Turkey Iran and Pakistan to India, where they spent the winter in Goa and the Summer in Manali before heading back to Italy a year and a half after they left. They got back just in time to join in the Millennium celebrations in the south of France. This epic journey, which was started with fifteen trucks and buses, over thirty people and ten dogs, and which finished with just three vehicles seven people and two dogs can be seen as a documentary as part of the world travelleradventures dvd.


This collective of travelers was born in England and traveled all over Europe and beyond, a strong family massive drawing loads of different people for many different reasons. Freedom of expression and free from exploitation, death to the oppressor and fuck the shitty system were some of them, as was self styled survival in the case of heavy oppression. The political atmosphere in the early nineties against travellers was such that some kind of resistance was needed, both spiritual and physical, and in some ways we are trying to keep some of this spirit, travelling families with a focus on staying clear of the pitfalls of modern society, the apathy, the addiction and the melancholy. Trying to create a positive environment for our children to grow, for our art forms to flourish and for our brains to try to avoid the kind of dead end bullshit cul de sacs of thought that the mass media and tv try to force us in every fucking day.

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In preparation to their Advertigo tour Network23 caught up with the Bassline crew and made a documentary about these tekno-circus nomads that was formed in the aftermath of the World Travellers Adventures.

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Advertigo is one of the shows in which Bassline Circus brings you its spectacular mix of high wire antics, genetically modified street arts and new skool music. For this show the crew cooperated with Pierrot Bidon from Archaos¹. In the famous Big Top tent you can experience its full tilt, multi-media show with digital film and graphics, high energy physical circus skills and the infectious sounds of new skool beats. This is circus as you've never seen it before. You can view the show reel below.
[¹]: Archoas is an alternative circus that dates from back in 1987 and on. -

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