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"We are a community-based, fluoro-inspired collective motivated by the exchange of energy, the sharing of idea and resources and the music of the Global Tekno Movement.

Our immediate aim is to create free-space, multimedia events in which people of all races, sexualities and cultural backgrounds can come together creatively and participate in one of the most ancient aspects of human life - DANCE

Our events combine music, art, video, performance, circus skills and interactive installations. We encourage people attending Vibe Tribe events to become actively involved and to feel a part of the Tribe, if only for one night.

Vibe Tribe also produces and distributes music, supporting local independant live bands and DJs,

Any resources generated by the project go back into the project itself, or toward resources which can be shared by our community, aiming ultimately to develop ways in which the community can become self-sustaining
" - Vibe Tribe

Circus Vibe Tribe operated free (and fundraiser) parties in Sydney Park and other venues from 1993; their techno-activism consisted largely of resisting the commercial exploitation of electronic music and the privatisation of space in the inner city. Squatting disused warehouses, reclaiming public space and establishing ‘temporary autonomous zones’, ‘the spirit of punk was sustained and painted fluro as the Tekno seismic shift sent its tremors across Australian dancefloors’. Accumulating trends that circulated in the global music underground, these self-identified ‘new rave travellers’ were dedicated to what they called the ‘vibe’. Scholars of contemporary dance culture point out that a party’s ‘vibe’ is its raison d’être—with a ‘good vibe’ indicating a successful event. - Excerpt from 'Outback vibes: sound systems on the road to legitimacy' by Graham St John published in Postcolonial Studies, Vol. 8, No. 3, pp. 321–336, 2005

THE BLAG SO FAR.. (published 1995)

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THE END OF VIBE TRIBE.. (statement 1996)

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