Thursday, March 25, 2010


Welcome back on are tour trough Mutonia. If you missed part one you can find it in our archives on your right. By juxtaposing old aeroplanes, old cars or pieces such as a VW beetle shell, washing machines, motorbikes, parts from an old railway and many more so called garbage, Robin Mutoid mutated the Australian Outback.

The year after the 'Dream Catcher' was born a new sculpture was created under the name of 'Spinning Car'. Take a wild guess..


The next winter the Time Tree popped out of the desert sand. 


But it gets better, one of the main pieces in this recycladelic diaspora is Dotty the Dingo. Using a huge water tank, which was used in the past to refill steam trains, as a body. And a rusty old Chrystler who got a second life as a dingo head. It is so big that it can be seen from miles away. Travellers passing by from all wind directions are attracted by this giant, because it is nearly impossible to ignore. Locals named it 'Big Dog' and since then it goes by that name.


By time the park keeps growing, become more popular over time. Since his first visit in 1997 during his travel to protest against uranium mining the park has been evolving. Every year Robin Mutoid returns to the Outback.

To be continued...