Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The original Pre-Acid House Warehouse Party Party People, Notting Hill and Shepherd's Bush based Mutoid Waste Company, combined music, art and performance art into their own unique brand of late Nineteen Eighties DIY culture at its best. With home grown catch phrases such as 'Mutate or Die' their own original collectively conscious personal philosophy was to revolve around the recycling of other people's waste products, everything from old wellington boots to wrecked cars, into self created user servicable art works. Amongst those who could claim to have been influenced by them in some way were one time Hackney based Techno Terrorists Spiral Tribe and a whole host of other party people and rave organizers too numerous to list here. This video, shot by Notting Hill based underground film maker Jonathan Barnett, includes footage of their now legendary 'Car Henge' from Michael Eavis's Glastonbury music festival....Part 2 of a series......

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