Thursday, March 4, 2010


we leave with our soundsystem to play @ one hell of a party in Warschau (Poland)!
Check out the flyer:

 Who is pure underground?
Pure Undergrounds path began in the 90s when the two brothers became fascinated with the underground scene and went on to explore the world of distinguished sounds. They discovered many different styles, from ambient to aggressive twisted electronics. After some time, they discovered the acid and the free tekno scene. In year 2000, they adopted the name 'Pure Underground' and keep it till today. Within next years, they produced more and cooperated with other producers, performed live and released their first tracks. In year 2006, the brothers established their own label in order to release their own music and that of other talented producers from Poland. In this year, the vinyl PU004 was released. It quickly gained recognition in France. Moreover, it was one of the first Polish acid techno releases ever. From 2007, Pure Undeground is co-organising Centertek - the biggest Polish teknival with different European sound systems.


After 10 years its time to look up, reflect on things and sum them up. Thats why we decided to invite to the party those who helped us develop ourselves when it comes to music and becoming deep-rooted in the Polish scene, who produced music with us and who provided us with wise criticism of what we did, and those with whom we spent our most important moments. The future what will it bring? There are many new plans: the next Centertek comes soon, new vinyl and digital releases, new music projects in very different genres, and a huge enthusiasm to develop the Polish scene which is fresh and has its potential. We would like this party to close one level and open another one. There is rarely an occasion to meet in such a big group, so come to our party and celebrate with us this special occasion!

Pure Underground Crew

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