Saturday, October 23, 2010


In Memory of Peter Mosalyk.
aka Belladonnakillz or The Marquis

Today I have recieved some very tragic news.
My good friend of 10 years, Peter Moskalyk has passed away as the result of an overdose.

Known by many as Belladonnakillz, he was a very talented musician.

His music consisted of a unique mix of breakcore, drum and bass, and various broken beats along side his live singing.

He gave a unique performance of great skill and technique.
He was an excellent, concert level pianist.
From Phillip Glass to Chopin, he could play better than anyone I'd ever seen.

Creator of "Smerk" around the year 2001, he was one of the key figures in the Toronto hardcore scene. Organizing several, once a month parties in downtown Toronto in "The big bop", a venue which is now being torn down and replaced with a chain furniture store.

He toured the world with his show, from Toronto to Montreal, to Holland to Russia.
Worked with many top producers including The Panacea and Lenny Dee, and was featured on several vinyl releases and compilations.

Always fun to be around, with a great sense of humor, much creativity, and an intense love of music, he was always ready to party, and loved to have a great time.

He had battled with addiction for a long time, and seemed to be coming out of it, as he had just finished a college course in City Planning and finished his latest tour of Europe.

It seemed he had now a bright future ahead of him.
So to hear this sad news is painful and tragic.

Always a flamboyant personality, he lived life to its fullest, he was a true rockstar.
He will live on forever in his music.

Peter, we'll miss you buddy.

My condolences to his friends, family and to all his fans and supporters worldwide.

Ian Wright (DJ PLAGUE)
2nd'ed by Francois Robichaud (DJ Mutante)

to see some of his videos, and keep his memory alive, check the link below.

KFA 028 @discogs 

One of those bands (artist) that got my interest few years ago.. as part of my periode I used to like breakcore. But that is far less important than what happend.
Sad loss. rip.