Saturday, October 23, 2010



Hardcore label from the U.K. pushing the doomcore sound pioneered by the likes of Marc Acardipane and run by the guys from the Crossbones Sound System based in London. Releases are distributed worldwide exclusively through Phuture Rave (also owned by Crossbones). @discogs @fakebook

Doomcore in once sentence is "taking the nightmarish vibe of a squat party K-hole and putting it to music". A sludgy kick drum, extensive and imaginative horror sampling, real occult imagery and extremely lo-fi production value are the hallmarks, and make for a genuinely unsettling experience. excerpt datatransmissionIn the late '90s the Bones crew took part in many underground free parties in London squats and across the UK. They quit the scene when ketamine and crack took over the squat raves.. Must have been hard to give up something that beautiful all because people forgot it is about the music.. not the drugs. Sadly enough that is not the first time that has happen..

CROSSBONES @ Steart Beach Party

"RAVE FRONTIER" - documentary featuring the crew

Here is a quote from a fellow blogger Simon R.

"If i was living in London I'd hop along to this event, if only to check out legendary East London acieeed-crypt The Dungeons. Plus Crossbones, this phuture tekno squat-rave sound system/record label I mentioned months ago, are just about the UK's sole solitary squad of PCP-aligned doomtroopers. Opportunities to experience Mover-style gloomcore through a big system in the midst of a headstrong throng of drug-fucked darkrave zombie-warriors stomping til the crack of dawn and beyond do not come along too often these days, I would go if I were you!" source blissblog

Grab the complete BONES series here (HF) 

p.s. major thanks again to my good friend The Taxidermist to get me hooked on doomcore!