Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Tune up your circuits, check out your Chips
Because you're going to live a Long Life.
Check the identity card, it shows your code.

Listen to the white noise in your ears - it Fades AWAY.

Watching the sunset on the end of the HIGHWAY ---
drivin' away to the ocean of green-blue.
City meditation in curving reflections of NEON signs on the Chrome of the Cars.
The WeT Concrete and mirrored Streets recall shows the traffic away,
recalls you to the smell of scratching cloudy sheets.
Billboards and Cholo-Ads above are the unfocused bottle of Time.
Drink it away, FLY to the ORBITAL Sky.

Reality is just a bunch of Illusions.
Check the PIXELS of them,
Stop your Radio for a SECOND and
Tell me what you see and HEAR.
Is not that the BEAUTY of the TRUTH -
There is NoTHING else BUT YOU.
smell the dust on the computer fan -
It Is All the Realism oF YOU
and all YOU'Ve done - TIME CLICK AWAY IN THE MHz.

Do the TWISTED dance AGAIN - SMILE that FooL to Dance.
Theatre of Pulses. Colors of Light,
Pulses of of Sound - All goes to One.

Clur and distortion until you realise -
There is nothing but the truth. -
We are born and we die.

Tune up your Chips and circuits - YOU'RE GOING TO LiVE LONGER,...

by madbyte