Tuesday, June 7, 2011


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As mentioned about a year ago Molly Macindoe spent 10 years ('97 to '07) following sound systems across Europe taking pictures of free people and squats/venues. Her book 'Out of Order: A Photographic Celebration of the Free Party Scene' and can be ordered here
I topped up my PayPal account, so once the frauds at the bank processed the transfer I can order my copy.. *woopwoop*

More information can be found here,

Her photography ‘has always been inspired by the beauty to be found in the individuals, community, and spaces within the Free Party scene, and subsequently reflects that same sentiment.’ 

Czechtek 2005 by Molly Macindoe
Check more pictures in a gallery on guardian.co.uk!

Out of Order – the free party scene, in pictures

From 1997-2007 Molly Macindoe followed sound systems across Britain and Europe photographing the people and places of the free party scene. In his teens, Joshua Surtees, author of the London Loves blog attended some of the early raves and here compiles some of the images from Macindoe's book Out Of Order