Monday, June 6, 2011


There was a time where I had a luxury problem with bookmarks concerning material for our blog. Hundreds of websites/pages.. a chaos unlabeled used and unused sources. A must have when you are trying to run a blog. But that was BEFORE I wiped my laptop, backing up everything but my bookmarks. Luckily I was able to retrieve a minor amount trough Opera Link. (Opera, the best browser there is *fanboy cough*) 

So I am doomed to actively lurk the internets in search for disinfo :D

Last week I ran into a fairly new blog called 90's + Gigs Squats Parties. Their description says it all.. 'Mostly flyers and pictures from squats/gigs/parties/festival, mostly from the 1990's but you might get the odd ones from the 80's and the 2000's too depending on what I get my hands onto. Currently mostly uploading pictures, after some mildly marathonic scanning session, I will add more informations in the future when I have some leisure time. There might also be some pictures/flyers completely unrelated to the above depending on my mood. Enjoy and feel free to leave comments.'

Anti Rave Gig 01-02-1992, squatted bank Mile End Road, Whitechapel

Someone uploading their personal collection of pictures and flyers from free parties, squats etc. is just PURE GOLD. Spread the word and follow them on blogspot.. just hit the follow button, login with your google or social shmedia account and voila.. done. People barely use it, but it is basically the same as the Like button on FB or Follow on Twitter.. it won't hurt you.

So from now on I will try to post an URL of the week every Monday. I am not going to make any promises because as many other things, I might bail on it eventually. Posts will be tagged URLOFTHEWEEK. It all depends if I have been even near my laptop/place I call home for now in a week.

A good example of a little project I bailed on was my Youtube Channel. I was planning on uploading old and rarest tekno tracks I got of cassettes or low quality MP3's dating back from the consumer internet was slow as shit. But adding somewhat moving graphics every time made me bail on it.. and also loosing ALL my music due to a drowned 750GB HD filled with underground music. Two days under due to a flood was too much for my boy.. but shit happens. I am all about 90s DOOMCORE anyway right now.. so who needs tekno ;)

Here is one of the few track I uploaded.. Take the system by sVs from BIOS SOUNDSYSTEM whom I lost track of in time.