Friday, June 10, 2011


Right HERE, 
behind YOUR back.
YOUR face is being scanned for,
in BILLIONS of pictures.
Without YOUR permission.

- I wasn't
- I hope you are 
- Facebook. 

Here we go again, it will never stop. I can't emphasize enough to either give up on Facebook or check your privacy settings on a regular base. Most Facebook users have their profile open to the public.. because most people don't care. Me neither I don't care about anyones personal life being shared with the world. What I do care about it keeping our network shielded from the pigs.
Lets say I would throw a party in a squat nearby. I would like people to come and keep any pigs far far away.. obviously I would inform my friends. But my brain has a malfunction and I decide to inform my friends by Facebook. Luckily my friends have their privacy settings set up so nobody is reading our conversation. So no harm done.. What I don't know is that one of my friends was born with his head up his ass and didn't seal off his profile. This means that not only my friends, his friends but the whole freaking world can read our conversation. That includes the pigs.. and you don't want pigs around do you.

So I hope one of you reading will realize, shit.. I need to secure my profile.
Because thanks to YOU, a party with all your friends, could be ruined thanks to YOU!

and you wouldn't even have known.. that you ruined the night.