Sunday, May 9, 2010


The duo "Work in Progress" (WIP) consists of the Ökoïsts Box-R and Tournesol. Both artist from the french punk & tekno collective ÖKO SYSTEM. The story behind the legendary punk & tekno combo can be found at their site (in French).

Because some of their old livesets are not available anymore at their main site I will be sharing the lost material time by time. In the past you were able to order them at low cost but I doubt that this still persists. The first in row is one of my favorite livesets ever, the "teKno PiKniK" liveset recorded on a rainy Sunday 9th of April 2000 in Mondragon, France. This event was the first "PiKniK" together with BenJawa, To7-70 and other artist. BenJawa became a part of the ÖKO family. From then on the name "PiKniK" was used for these type of small gatherings with their new "BenJaWic Ökosystemic".

To be honest, I miss this kind of music live in action. Not judging the quality of the music I regret that the major part of the current sound is very commercial. With all do respect to the artists for their previous work I find that many because a 'hit machine'. Sampling a famous theme song, adding 4/4 and the same melodic structure over and over and over.. But I can't blame them, since for most it is (a part off) their income. It is just painful to watch.

So far for my rant..

Let us not forget that there are still many artists out their haven't sold their soul yet to the commercial sound. Artists such as 69db who recently surprised me by improvising a 5 hour jam at an after party in a Warsaw squat. But also other artist who have been featured on ZOTF in the past; Smeo (Oblyk-dfroké), Mempamal (Fantomatik), Benny Buletti (Desystematik) and many more.

PiKniK @ Mondragon
PiKniK @ Bidon
PiKniK @ Piolenc

WiP - teKno PiKniK