Sunday, May 2, 2010


This dutch soundsystem deserves a place in the spotlight. They are around for many years, have the most amazing soundsystem & organized freeparty's all over Europe. Deepest respect!

As their myspace states:
"We are a couple of friends who like to go to freeparties since 1997 or so and started our own soundsystem in 2001. Because we like to party so much, we get to do a lot of wicked parties and get a nice rig too!"

That part about the nice rig is an understatement, their soundsystem is MASSIVE.
Check out for yourself!

Centertek Poland '08 - rig @ night

Centertek Poland '08 - rig by day

 cz 2006 SOS +KWS

 Centertek 2009 - Poland

Oblyk d-froké + Kierewiet 07 04 07

Their myspace can be found here