Friday, January 22, 2010


William S. Burroughs (1914-1997) was an American novelist, essayist, social critic, painter and spoken word performer. Much of Burroughs's work is semi-autobiographical, drawn from his experiences as an opiate addict, a condition that marked the last fifty years of his life. Burroughs was cited by Robert Anton Wilson as the first person to notice the "23 Enigma":

- "I first heard of the 23 Enigma from William S. Burroughs, author of Naked Lunch, Nova Express, etc. According to Burroughs, he had known a certain Captain Clark, around 1960 in Tangier, who once bragged that he had been sailing 23 years without an accident. That very day, Clark’s ship had an accident that killed him and everybody else aboard. Furthermore, while Burroughs was thinking about this crude example of the irony of the gods that evening, a bulletin on the radio announced the crash of an airliner in Florida, USA. The pilot was another Captain Clark and the flight was Flight 23."  - Robert Anton Wilson, Fortean Times.

Burroughs The Movie - anno 1985

Featuring - Allen Ginsberg, Brion Gysin, Francis Bacon, Jackie Curtis, John Giorno, Lauren Hutton, Patti Smith, Terry Southern, William S. Burroughs

Label: Giorno Poetry Systems
Catalog#: GPS 034
Format: VHS, NTSC
Country: US
Released: 1985

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