Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Say wha'?

That's right, it makes no sense.

T.F.F.K.Z  means Temporary Free From Karma Zone
and yes I made that up.

allow me to explain,

I had it coming, the almighty law of return shows no mercy!
The beneficial or harmful effects one has on the world will always return to oneself.
What makes it more exciting, is that you don't know when.
The effect of your cause might happen the same day..
or week.. or any other time.
 This time I was safe for about a year..
Driving such long distances most weekends to get to that autonomous zones I choose to be,
I drive by a lot of people having a car malfunction on the highway or those struck by bad luck (or the karma police) such as a flat tire for example. Tho I must admit that I will be pointing and laughing when passing by. I enjoy it and I know some of you out there do to. The reason for that is because I can!
I can because I know I have it coming soon..
And today it did (well, yesterday by now)

Out of no where one of my tires gave up on me and committed suicide on the highway (E313). So I was forced to pull over to the side and replace my tire with the replacement tire. Which looks more like a toys wheel that will fail any time soon.
 But it won't and it didn't! Because right after that tire popped,
I entered a new Temporary Free From Karma Zone.
Which makes me invulnerable to fate for an undecided period of time.
I took it, I enjoyed it and I feel relieved.
For now :D

There are of course other methods to deal with these kind of situations.
 Like crying about it, feeling bad about yourself or whatever.
But that is for you to experience and decide how to deal with it.

 Just be aware of the karma police.

They are better trained than these numbnuts below,
 encaging us at a benefit 2 weeks ago.. just to taunt us.
Stealing our freedom.. on a Sunday even!
They should edit the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
and ad a law to prevent Sunday time theft by any blue knight of the fairy parade.

Men in blue..
karma will make you fail,
and again.