Sunday, January 17, 2010


 Incriminated, numbered, photographed, put on list AGAIN.
All this for going to a party.

Nice to feel protected by my government.

Nice to know they are still watching us.

Nice to feel the gentle touch of repression all over my body,
head to toe by two pair of hands, digging deep in every pocket, even tickling my balls.
Faced against a wall, legs wide & arms high, swallowing some cliché copjokes on top of it.
 Because I attended this party.

No explanation needed for being held inside the venue for hours.
Watch the news tommorow they said.
Just hold the numbers for your photo please.
Smile please.
No charges, just your government checkin' in again.
You have a nice day now, sir.

For going to a party in a legal venue.

Fucked up shit.