Monday, May 13, 2013


A HTV Documentary that aired on 02/06/1997 documenting the UK based Mutant Dance Party Collective and Bristol Free Party Crew gearing up for a free party they realized on 14/09/1996.

Introduction to Mutant Dance in their own words;

"MUTANT DANCE is a Bristol based collaboration of party people and artists specializing in UV performance and decor. Founded in 1991, Mutant Dance have been involved in the renowned Bristol party scene since the early days of Acid House parties. Now taking that vibe all over England and Europe we bring our free party roots to clubs and festivals wherever we go. We also put on regular free parties in the South West of England.
(Note to PC Netplod: We are making all this up, we know nothing about illegal warehouse raves or anything else for that matter.)
The Mutants have performed extensively in the UK and Europe, appearing at Glastonbury, Ashton Court Festival, Tribal Gathering, Megadog (Lizard), Trance Buddha (Amsterdam), Munich, Out There (Normandy), most major UK clubs and festivals, and various free parties throughout Europe.
enter Mutant Dance can add a unique live element to any club environment or party. With our mix of freaky costumes and boundless energy we guarantee to liven up any event. Our UV performers, costumed dancers, or outrageous environments, provide an extra dimension of scene setting and sensory stimulation. Mutate and survive..."

MUTANTE DANCE @ Stonehenge UK 20/03/1999  (source)

From: "Chelfyn Baxter"
Subject: They let us in!!!!!
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 19:47:43 -0000

I thought it might interest you that Bristol ravers Mutant Dance staged a
free party at Stonehenge last Saturday night/Sunday morning for the equinox.
We set up a Fluoro geodesic dome behind the visitors centre, lit with UV and
partied all night 'til the druids arrived. Come sunrise they let not only
the druids, but 150 or so assorted free party people into the circle for an
hour. Even the solitary copper was chilled.....

Report of a party goer on a busted Mutant Dance party near Stonehenge on 18/06/1999. -