Monday, April 1, 2013


Few weeks ago I discovered a blog called Propaganda Lalaland when I stumbled upon the article "Anarchists Want To Force You Into Anarchism!". Satisfied by a good short read I bookmarked it in my unsorted, personal nightmare, list of pages I should keep track off. Should.. I gave up on RSS because it feeds me with too much information I want to read, yet can't due to lack of time or just can't make up my mind and end up doodling something random on basically anything. Rediscovered my love for just drawing whatever whenever, so I bought myself a shitload of pencils, erasers and sharpies. Staring at my collection while writing this I noticed that alot of sharpies are missing. Note to self, stop ruining them on walls and other hard/rough materials. My list of casualties peaked this month and I am basically throwing money away :D Anyway.. in other news, the writer of  Propaganda Lalaland posted a new article this weekend and here I am telling you about it. Going for at least one person to sit trough my rant and actually click the URL below! Don't let me down.

My sunday, drove home when I was sober-ish.. spent hours starting several projects in Illustrator (of wish some I might finish this week, that would be great actually with our trip to the east of Česká republika coming up in 3 weeks. Kicking off the teknival season/summer! Taking our own sound with us, collaborating with our friends and fellow astronauts from Kierewiet creating a bigger and better experience for those who are coming. Hopefully Gagamous Kierewiet finally finds his way back home, since he is missing in action since mid February 2013 after hosting a night in Ostrava. So whoever took him, here is your chance to regain your dignity and make that trip to Klokočov. Man up (this includes women) and reunite Gagamous with his family.

M.I.A. since 02/2013 - last seen in Ostrava, CZ

Those who are just clicking trough and go straight for the link.
Click here "Counter-Economics and the Counterculture".
Everything above is barely related anyway..
so don't bother and start reading that article :D

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