Monday, April 1, 2013


Currently there are only two reasons why my agenda might show a sign of life these days (of being unemployed waiting to be accepted and study again for two years).. one is the start of a new season of a tv show I watch (and download). Game of Thrones S03E01 should be filled in a few hours, woop woop. The other reason is the release of a book I keep track off. So when I confirmed my Game of Thrones reminder is noticed I missed last weeks reminder of a new book by CrimethInc. Once my transfer is approved by Pay(so-called)"Pal", so I can order the new Contradictionary published by CrimethInc. I am probably late to the party but with some luck it gets shipped with a free pencil. Those are welcome at the moment! :D

A blind buy I most likely won't regret. Didn't bother looking for a review, CWC will deliver. If not, well then my CWC collection is at-least complete.

The rest should be obvious to anyone who can read.

Not your kind of cup? Rolling Thunder #6 was digitally released yesterday!
Free of charge, for you to explore. That's 106 pages not having to worry about what to read while sitting on the toilet.