Saturday, January 8, 2011


Further notes on "when raving is not a laugh" and "When a Party is not a Party."

OK, this one goes out to all the Tekno Tekno Tekno got nothing better to do so I'll lose myself in bass bin or lots of lines of K or something else similarly lacking in humn activity with out really interacting with anyone else at all.
You are a Miss the Point raver. 
In some ways the whole tekno scene would be lost without you. But in other ways you are causing the death of free tekno festivals.
Face up to it. Spiral Tribe are not Lords of Hardcore, they were very naughty boys and girls. Take it all a bit less seriously and if you re not having a good laugh and cannot bear to smile at parties - GO HOME - Do something else that doesn't involve tekno and drugs and only show your face when you have some good energy and ideas to bring back to the forum.
Teknivals and Tekno are not the answer to anything. Teknivals are entertainment and inspiration for the next step forwards. It's part of the forward looking spiral, when you are bored its' time to move on and do something else. Identify the gap and go for it. Keep the energy spiral! Don't get caught in a loop! You've just got to move on [read in patronising- condescending tone] Don't Miss the Point!!!
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