Monday, June 14, 2010


"Calling all Systems, cyclists, pedestrians,
Road Ravers and road ragers,
workers and shirkers,
dreamers and schemers,
unhappy shoppers,
happy shoplifters
kids, crusties, punks and prophets.
the young at heart...
Let's take back our streets on Saturday 6th June
from the relentless traffic of pollution and consumption.
Let's transform the streets into a place of human interaction
...a football match ...a dance ...the distribution of free exchange of free thoughts...
A celebration for our diversity.
Come and get involved with a South London Street Party
...organizing, publicizing, banner making, blockading, contributing to a kids area,
bringing music, theater, spreading the word...
Come to weekly meeting on Wednesday night.

A call for unity and action from a old Reclaim the Streets pamphlet in London.