Saturday, June 26, 2010


History on CROMATICS (excerpt from an interview)

Hi Andreas some of our readers might have heard of CROMATICS already still would you mind giving us a brief history lesson?

I don’t mind at all mate. All founders of CROMATICS started writing their name in the mid nineties and that’s how we got to know each other. After the A-level we started publishing a local graffiti magazine called CROMATICS. In 1999 we released the first issue already including some pages that were exclusively designed for us. We liked the idea of giving artists a space to show of their style, skills and personal view of the graffiti culture. Step by step the CROMATICS magazine was growing into a printed gallery that offered a platform for local artists and later on also for outstanding international artists who we invited to present their work and their point of view of urban art. Besides the publication we started to shape actively other urban areas of life too. This included setting up events, exhibitions and an online-shop for urban lifestyle that pushed the European sticker culture fast forward. On 01.01.2008 we founded our agency CROMATICS which enables us to constantly unlock cultural virgin soil.