Monday, April 26, 2010


part one

Excerpt from the RUPTURE zine, issue October 2007;

Take a close look at the world around. Our social structures are creaking: high rents and cost of living; mostly crap food and reliance on a small number of grains and the mass slaughter of animals; control and mismanagement of land by the few at the expense of the many and the alienation from nature this causes; mega-transport of goods worldwide and peak oil; casualised labour and reliance on service indus ries; the selling off and privatisation of basics such as health care, and unholistic chemical fixes; an inane political circus of personality jocking with limited voting and no real mandate for government, with corporations and arms dealers/the military running the show from behind the scenes – manipulating class, race and gender for maximum control and profit.

Look forward to: ID cards, tagging and movement restrictions, nano-tek and genetic mother-fucking.

The background to this is pollution and destruction of our basic necessities of water and air, and rapid species loss and ecological armageddon rapidly taking hold of our fragile eco-system due to industrialisation and hyper-consumption.

What are those here who have recognised the situation to do?

Some solutions are already at hand and need to be acted upon without delay:

1) Recognise that other people can’t sort things for us and that the free market will not solve the problems it has created.

2) Two strands of action running simultaneously are required, one without the other won’t work – these are resistance (direct action) and sustainability (living lightly):

a)   Form a housing co-op and a workers co-op with a few friends/like-minded accomplices, this enables you to dip the vast and probably temporary funds of cash out there to get sorted. Get some land and/or property in order to have a base of operations and a small island of security.
b)   Get the kit together you will need to survive off the grid, ie alternative technology, tools, seeds, manuals, a crew.
c)   Grow your own and realise that with the present population you’ll mostly likely have to be vegan as animals/animal feed takes up too much space and uses more energy than it puts out (and hey, all life is equal).
d)   Get educated on the history of resistance and adapt effective techniques to fuck up the parts of the system you apply yourselves to. This will involve leaving behind much that now seems familiar and constant, and will entail great risk if we intend to be thorough and successful.
e)   Pass on useful knowledge and share skills. Your closest allies will be direct experience and a willingness to learn and act quickly.

The alternatives are to: ignore the problems and get fucked up while patting each other on the backs for being oh-socool, while in real terms doing nothing to help; hope for a tekno miracle and/or disease and economic-electrical collapse; wait for the UFOs to come and rescue us...

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I would never make a good vegan, that is my nature. But I am in for the rest!