Sunday, April 25, 2010


A Photographic Celebration of the Free Party Scene

This has been in my bookmarks for a while now, but my list is so big and chaotic that I often forget about things like this book.

From the author:

‘Out of Order’ is going to be a photography book that will document some twelve years of squat parties and teknivals that have taken place in London, across the UK, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
The work starts from the infamous ‘Beachy Rd’ venue in East London in 1997 and progresses to the deserts of Jordan and Morocco in the present day.
I have taken all the photographic work for the book myself and my photography is a testament to my sincere passion for the Free Party scene, a unique sub-culture that, to me, felt like home the moment I walked into my first rave.

My photography has always been inspired by the beauty to be found in the individuals, community, and spaces within the Free Party scene, and subsequently reflects that same sentiment. All the imagery to be included is taken from my perspective as a participant, NOT a voyeuristic observer, and it focuses on the positive, inspirational side of free parties, a side that has mostly been ignored in the press.
‘Out of Order’ will have multiple functionality: an art book for public appreciation, a personal narrative, a family album for many, and a visual reference of a sub-culture for academia.

I must stress, that ‘Out of Order’ will NOT include sensationalist-shocking images that portray the subjects in a negative light.
I encourage any enquiries from those who feature, and fully respect anyone’s wishes to not be included in the book for any reason.
Production of the book is currently underway and I ask that you join this group so I can keep anyone interested up to date with the progress, and also so that I can contact anyone for possible assistance in verifying details.

You can keep track of it's progress on a Facebook Page created for the release of this book. Bookmark this!

As a preview you can grab a list of parties that will be featured right here.

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