Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hakim Bey and Ontological Anarchy

For all I know the Bilderberg Group runs our planet. 
Or better.. they decide how it is being run and our society is too ignorant to be aware of it. There isn't anything I can do other than spreading the word. But that is something I will get back to later.
What I can do is living my life in a way I want to.
A major part of that is the free spirit. 
Not being a frequent reader myself I do have some literature that has had a great impact on the way I think and my look on the world.
The writings of Hakim Bey have been a great influence in my life for a long while now. Especially Temporary Autonomous Zone and Millennium are a must read for those interested in the land of the free.
His writings can be freely pirated (copyright who?) so you can find numerous copies of his word magic online. A great collection can be found at the Hermetic Library.
- Temporary Autonomous Zone
- Millennium

"What of the anarchist dream, the Stateless state, the Commune, the autonomous zone with duration, a free society, a free culture? Are we to abandon that hope in return for some existentialist acte gratuit? The point is not to change consciousness but to change the world."