Saturday, March 23, 2013


Information is free,
open to all.
So.. FUCK YOU and your intellectual property!

Freedom of information is a human right! So why not READABOOKSON? Or visit V£R$O or the EBOOKCOLLECTIVE.
Seize what is yours
and stay informed!

The hosts a huge collection of all kinds of literature such as the zine collection of Solidarity! Revolutionary Center and Radical Library or Make Projects, a collection of DIY project from MAKE magazine. The library also includes audio, video, software and archived websites. Great media such as a live production of George Orwell's "1984" by BBC Television or you might fancy a good conspiracy theory? The Capitalist Conspiracy (1969) awaits you!

TIP: The Anarchist Library is open 24/24!

Radical Books has a healthy collection of radical literature. It lacks updates but the distribution of information continues.

Not looking for a suggestion? Knock yourself out!

While you are at it.. feel free to share your sources with others. Public access to information is one of the best ways to guard our freedoms and limits the government power. The best government is an open government. Secrecy breeds mistrust, while transparency fosters trust. A successful community is built on trust. So to all politicians out there.. take note. Give access, make friends.