Thursday, July 5, 2012


verb /ˈäptəˌmīz/ 
  1. Make the best or most effective use of (a situation, opportunity, or resource)
    - to optimize viewing conditions the microscope should be correctly adjusted
  2. Rearrange or rewrite data to improve efficiency of retrieval or processing

Some minor changes here and there.. I like it how it is so the design will probably never change. At least if Blogspot doesn't get overhauled someday and my layout gets outdated. So in case there is someone out there that wants to know what changed.. although I highly doubt that.. HERE IS THE LIST.

++ Was forced to convert our Fakebook page to the butt ugly timeline format so I pimped it with a simple header (as seen above). 
-enlist now!
++ @ZONEOFTHEFREE is now 100% ZOTF'D
++ Our 'CONNECT' page to contact us is now 'GET CONNECTED' and has been filled with several ways to get in touch or send in a liveset/djmix.. etc *chough* Take that as a hint.. so far only SEVENUM SIX and JOHNNY SIDEWAYS did this and they were both featured on our blog. Don't hold out and share you bastards.. get your stuff out there, I am willing to help!

>> NOW

++ Feedburner has been tweaked in several ways (work in progress). Also made a new feed banner that can be used on forums etc.. find it here. If you want to use it, just add the image to your signature and link it our domain You can now subscribe to our blog by mail if you don't like social media or RSS readers.. info @ GET CONNECTED! page.

++ Removed the brown arrows that functions as bullets in our navigation bars and replaced them with tiny 23 bullets. Why? Because, twenty three.

++ Added a random posts gadget that will randomly select 15 posts each time the page is loaded. Trying to increase the chance you run into something you like and didn't know about.. yet! It can be found below our post archive in the navigation bar on the right. It does need some tweaking to make a perfect fit.. someday.

More to come, but that will do for.. this month :D