Thursday, June 14, 2012


Ahh.. good old Jimmy. I feel old thinking about the time he started creating music.. Sevenum Six is one of the artists I have witnessed grow from a front row seat. Evolving over the years into an excellent artist. I wouldn't want to trade in that front row ticket for anything else in the world.. it is amazing to see these guys live up to their potential.. enjoying it and blasting out mental vibes for for your ears to please. Even after getting his gear stolen twice!
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BIO (excerpt from Soundcloud)

At the the age of 17 Sevenum Six fell in love with the production of music. Inspired by the free party scene he started making some hardtek beats in Fruity Loops. After a while of messing arround he discided he wanted to bring his music to the crowd so he changed to Ableton Live. To make his sound more complete he added some hardware to his setup like the korg EMX, EAMK2, a Mopho and some midi controllers. By searching deeper into the world of hardware he discovered the magic sound of the TB303. Meanwhile over the years his sound evolved, getting more dark and mental. After 3 years he became a well known artist in the free party scene and played at party's all over the Netherlands, France and Belgium. Doing this he got the chanse to spread his sound in many places. As a result he got his first vinyl release in 2011 and many to follow... By getting involved with vinyl he also wanted to play them so he bought himself 2 turntables and the shit was really on !! Today Sevenum Six is actively working on bringing you an original sounding liveset and fresh vinylmixes. 

And so his passion for the music keeps growing everyday…