Tuesday, May 22, 2012


‘Spannered’ by Bert Random is an illustrated novel about free-parties, friendship, and dancing. A thousand-mile-an-hour stomp through the dark and grimy corners of 90′s underground rave culture, it's a fierce reminder for those who were there and a vivid taster for those who weren't.

With Bert and his twisted crew of mates we experience the peaks and the troughs of a very long weekend, kissing the sky while stomping our feet to mind-blowing techno and scrabbling in the dirt looking for what is left of our minds as unreality starts to bite. This is a punters-eye-view of the most fun that drugs, dancefloors, and full-on music can offer.

As well as a disorientating story, ‘Spannered’ also contains twelve amazing illustrations from Bristol and London street and fine artists, including Silent Hobo and Rose Sanderson. You can buy ‘Spannered’ directly from Spannered Books