Sunday, December 25, 2011


Brilliant tribe/tekno liveset with an oldskool flavor..
my kind of tribe :D

ELECTRONIC LIVE Performance since 97 (source Soundcloud)
Singer since 1990 in various groups ranging from alternative rock to Jimmy Hendrick and the Red Hot Cure or see Pink Floyd, I discovered electronic music in 95.

I begin by mixing Techno, Trance and scratches included in the compositions of my last group of rock fusion style "Sly Circus". It follows the discovery of Spiral Tribe and the evolution of my widening mix of Trip Hop to Drum and Bass, Hardcore and the desire to create my own compositions.

With the purchase of a Roland MC 303 and after three months of concentrated effort to manipulate loops on this little box, I live in begins 98. I insert loops into the compositions of the group while starting to play live in the evenings.

The group splitter in 2002, and I keep my songs and lives strongly influenced by the sounds Tribe, Break Beat, Drum and Bass, Hip-hop show.

In 2004, I appeared on a live cd (Family Production, Prod ES) and 2005 on my first vinyl young label "Statik Travel" through the meeting Barouf aka Wise Children.

In late 2005, thanks to former local knowledge, I co-founded the association 4Kicks Production and sign on the first and second opus label Mutation Android. In late 2008, according to new horizons and following the arrival of my son's love, I find myself again solo.

2009, I co-produced with the leitmotif Sound System Azimuth Records first signing in 2 pieces.

Again, I share the feeling of the research group and agree on many proposals for combining musical collaboration turns Mc, percussion, guitar, bass and live performer and dj