Tuesday, July 6, 2010


This is the independent creation of a group of filmmakers going by the name Cyberpunk Films. This film is composed of clips from various 80's and early 90's cyberpunk films, as well as pictures and diagrams, with a synthetic voice over dissecting the way that cyberpunk movies portray the world around us. Aside from being a nice nostalgia trip through those movies I haven't watched in awhile, this film makes some interesting observations. Sometimes it strains a little too far out in some inferences and comparisons, however in general it makes valid points. Interestingly, it often brings in some biblical comparison's, between the heavenly and the hellish and the way they are depicted in this genre of science fiction. I was irked initially by the biblical comparisons, but found it to give this film a different perspective. Production-wise, this film feels much like some of the instructional films I used to watch in middle-school (not entirely sure if that was intentional), however, having the title 'The Cyberpunk Educator' certainly does set that tone. Stop reading this and just check it out yourself if you are interested. Although it doesn't get to the roots of cyberpunk limiting this information a bit, I still think it was a good watch.