Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Four different films, bringing together the experience of the synergy between the travelers/squatters, and the rave scene, that birthed the Free Party movement. More or less explicitly political, these traveling sound-systems have taken the liberatory party across the world, crossing borders, melding cultures, and tackling war zones. The four documentaries are 23 Minutes Warning: The Spiral Philosophy Documentary (1994), on bringing together several interviews with the founders of the legendary Spiral Tribe; Storming Sarajevo (1996), following the adventures of the Desert Storm sound system, in their peace-protests that eventually took them to the war in Bosnia; Mission To India [2001), telling the story of Sound Conspiracy, the reunion of three sound systems that took off on a mythical quest to India; and African Expedisound [2002] follows the encounter between European free-party people and passionate African musicians, as they travel across Morocco, the Sahara desert, Senegal and Mali. 165 minutes in total, with bonus features of Reclaim The Streets party, and trailers. (via AK PRESS)